Knitted treasures donated to Armadale Hospital’s young patients

Photograph of the knitters and their donations
November 15, 2018

How many of us have treasured handmade rugs and toys, given to us when we were small?

Infants and children who spend time at Armadale Hospital’s paediatric unit do, thanks to a dedicated group of knitters and sewers from local charities, who regularly donate hand sewn quilts along with knitted rugs, toys and beanies for our patients.

The group visited the hospital to see first-hand the paediatric ward and the new neonate unit, where the majority of their handicrafts are donated to patients.

Group member June said that it’s nice to see where their creations are going.

“We like to knit and it gives us a purpose,” she said.

Infection Prevention and Management Clinical Nurse Gerardine thanked the volunteers on behalf of the hospital and staff.

“The beauty of what they do is providing items of comfort for our patients at what can be a stressful time, to utilise during their stay and then take home,” said Gerardine.

“More often than not, it then becomes a much loved item for that child.”