Rehabilitation and Aged Care Volunteers

AHS Volunteer comforts a patientRehabilitation and Aged Care Volunteers assist our elderly patients, or those recovering on our rehabilitation wards.

Duties include:

  • Providing companionship to patients, their relatives and friends
  • Ensuring everything the patient requires is within reach
  • Refreshing flowers in each ward, as requested
  • Assisting and accompany 'independent', 'stand by assists' or 'minimal assist' patients on walks
    (if given consent by staff and able to provide minimal assist)
  • Taking wheelchair patients out of their rooms for a walk if given consent by staff and staff have provided assistance into transferring patient in/out of wheelchair (if they require assistance)
  • Assisting with menus need assistance filling out
  • Assisting with meal setup including hand hygiene before meals
  • Making tea and coffee for relatives or patients outside morning / afternoon tea times
  • Keeping area tidy