Armadale Hospital marks Delirium World Awareness Day

Photograph of the team on Delirium World Awareness Day
March 16, 2018

Armadale Hospital marked World Delirium Awareness Day on Wednesday 14 March with a display in the main foyer organised by the Falls and Cognitive Impairment working group.

The display provided consumers and staff with information on what delirium is, how to recognise it, and how to best manage it.

Staff Development Educator Falls and Cognitive Impairment Michelle Baines said that delirium can be very frightening to patients and their families, yet is largely treatable and even preventable.

“Being alert to delirium, and recognising and responding to it are the best ways we can provide care tailored to the individual,” Michelle said.

"Strategies such as good diet and hydration, a bright room through the day with reduced noise, family engagement, and using hearing or visual aids can help us manage patients with delirium and prevent delirium from occurring.”