Maternity ward and inpatient services

Our maternity ward, located on the first floor, has five birthing suites and 23 beds available for postnatal stay.

There are also two suites for non-labouring women with other risk factors. We encourage all women to ‘room in’ with their babies while they are in hospital.

Length of stay

Women who have an uncomplicated birth can expect to be discharged from hospital within 24 hours. Women who have a complicated birth are normally discharged between 48 to 72 hours after the birth of their baby.

Visiting information

Visiting hours

To ensure the safety of you and your baby, the maternity ward at Armadale Hospital is a secure unit. This means visiting is restricted. Visiting hours to the ward are from 8.00am to 1.00pm for support people and siblings of the baby only and 3.00pm to 8.00pm every day for all visitors.

The daily rest period from 1.00pm to 3.00pm is especially important for mothers and their babies. Visitors will be asked to leave during this time.

When you arrive at the ward you need to press the intercom at the front entrance of the unit to gain access. You will be asked who you have come to visit, and may be asked to wait until other visitors have left. Visitors may be asked to leave at certain times due to the patient's condition, treatment or if it is the expressed wish of the patient not to have any visitors.

Number of visitors

For the comfort and wellbeing of all patients, you are requested to limit the number of visitors to a maximum of two at any one time. Please note that a maximum of two support persons are allowed in the delivery suite at one time.

Visiting children should be reasonably quiet and supervised by an adult. Children are generally discouraged from entering the delivery suites. Exceptions may be made under prior arrangements for certain circumstances. More information about visiting a family member or a friend in hospital is available on the visiting page.

When to come to hospital

Contact the Antenatal Assessment Unit on 9391 2947 and ask to speak with a midwife if you experience any of the following when pregnant:

  • severe persistent headache 
  • visual disturbances
  • severe abdominal pain 
  • severe nausea and vomiting
  • burning with urination
  • fever
  • watery vaginal discharge
  • vaginal bleeding
  • reduced baby movements 
  • anything which makes you worried.


If you think you are in labour, please call the Antenatal Assessment Unit on 9391 2947 to speak with a midwife before coming to hospital.

When you arrive, please report to the ward clerk. A midwife will then conduct an initial assessment and will discuss a plan of care with you.

If you are in active labour from 35 weeks of pregnancy, you will be admitted into one of our five birthing suites. If you are in labour before 35 weeks, you may be transferred to another specialist hospital.

If you arrive at the hospital between 9pm and 5am, please enter the hospital via the Emergency Department and staff will direct you to the maternity ward. 

In the birthing suite, you will be advised of pain relief options as per your birth plan. You may also use a birthing pool for labour or birth if you meet certain criteria. More information is available through the Using water for labour or birth brochure (PDF 355KB) available through the Women and Newborn Health Service (external site).

Caesarean births

If you require a caesarean birth, this will occur in one of our operating theatres.

For planned caesarean births, please make your way to the same day unit according to your arranged admission time.

Here you will meet with your midwife, be reviewed by an anaesthetist and get ready for your caesarean. You can have one support person accompanying you into the operating theatre.

Infant feeding and breast care

Our experienced team of midwives will assist you with your baby’s feeding during your stay in hospital.

If you previously had difficulties breastfeeding, you may be referred to a lactation consultant during the antenatal period.

If you and your baby are well, you will remain together 24 hours a day to establish unrestricted breastfeeding and help you to learn about your baby’s feeding and behaviour patterns.

For more information about feeding and breast care, please ask your midwife for a copy of the Infant feeding and breast care booklet while in hospital.

Caring for your baby

We encourage your baby to room in with you while you are in hospital and your midwife will assist you with any aspect of baby care you may be unsure of.

Your baby will receive a medical check by a GP Obstetrician or a Consultant Paediatrician before discharge.

Taking your newborn home

You are required by law to have an approved child restraint (baby seat) for babies under 12 months of age fitted to your car. You or a support person must have the baby seat fitted to your car before your baby is discharged from hospital.

When you go home, you will be advised of the Child Health Nurse you will need to contact for your ongoing care and support.

Visiting Midwife Service

The Visiting Midwife Service is available for women who are well and confident enough to go home as soon as six hours post birth.

This service is available to all women living within a 30 minute travelling time of the hospital. An experienced midwife will come to your home to check on you and your baby. For more information, contact the Visiting Midwife Service on 9391 2169.

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