Central Referral Service

All non-urgent GP referrals to doctor-led outpatient clinics at Armadale Health Service should be sent to the WA Health Central Referral Service (external site).

The following referrals should NOT be sent to the Central Referral Service:

  • referrals for patients who require immediate review (within next seven days)
  • referrals to a private specialist
  • referrals to obstetrics services (see below)
  • referrals to mental health services (see below)
  • referrals to rural outpatient services
  • referrals to allied health outpatient services
  • referrals to non-doctor led outpatient services.

For more information, visit the WA Health GP website (external link).

Contact CRS

Fax: 1300 365 056
Postal address: Central Referral Service
PO Box 3462
Midland WA 6056

Obstetric referrals

In order to triage women to the right clinic and book the first appointment for 18 weeks, referrals should ideally be done at 14 weeks of pregnancy.

GPs must complete the referral form for antenatal care and delivery as a rich text format (RTF 188KB) or as a PDF (34KB) and send to the Antenatal Clinic either by fax, post or email:

GPs are to organise patient’s blood tests, first trimester screening, dating and anatomy scans. The results of these tests must be sent with the referral or request a copy of the results to be sent to the Antenatal Clinic. This information is essential for triaging and booking women into the right clinics.

For urgent referrals/reviews (to be seen within seven days), mark accordingly and fax to the Antenatal Clinic. Please contact us, where possible, to discuss the patient’s needs with the Antenatal Clinic Coordinator on 9391 2686.

Postcode allocations

Recent changes to postcode based eligibility for delivery at Armadale Hospital have come into effect from 1 July 2016. Postcodes that fall within the Armadale Hospital catchment area include: 6107 to 6112, 6121 to 6126 and 6147. See the list of postcodes (PDF 49KB).

Antenatal care options

There are a number of antenatal care options available.

GPs who undertake shared care must be registered medical practitioners in WA. For more details, refer to the Armadale Hospital Antenatal Shared Care Guidelines (PDF 1.27MB).

Pregnant women identified with high risk factors will be seen by a consultant obstetrician.

All women will have their first appointment at Armadale Hospital with a midwife at approximately 18 weeks gestation followed by an appointment with the Hospital’s GP Obstetrician between 20 to 22 weeks. If you are choosing the shared care option, the GP Obstetrician appointment will be at 28 weeks.

Comprehensive clinical guidelines and information can be found on the King Edward Memorial Hospital website (external link).

Contact the Antenatal Clinic

Phone: 9391 2901
Fax: 9391 2293

Mental health referrals

To refer a patient to our Adult Mental Health Programs, please use the AHS Adult mental health GP referral form (Word 92KB).


Please note that our mental health outpatient centres do not offer programs for:

  • primary marriage counselling
  • intellectual Impairment services
  • drug, alcohol and substance abuse.

To refer a patient to our Older Adult Mental Health Programs, please use the following referral form:

Emergency Department referrals

To refer a patient to the Armadale Health Service Emergency Department (ED), please contact the Duty Officer on 9391 2176.

Allied health outpatient referrals

To refer a patient to any of our outpatient allied health services, please use the AHS Rehabilitation and Allied Health referral form (PDF 82KB).