Simple tips to slim down and save money

Photo of a bowl of soup
September 18, 2017

Single serves

Individually portioned foods are usually more expensive per serve. Invest in small, reusable containers, buy in bulk, and portion it out. This is great for yoghurts, dried fruits and crackers.

Leftovers for lunch

Prepare your lunch for the next day while you’re cooking the evening meal:

  • Chop extra salad or cook an extra portion of your meal.
  • A Stir fry or pasta are perfect lunch leftovers if you have access to a microwave at work.
  • A homemade pizza with fresh ingredients always tastes better the next day!

No more cheeky 3pm snacks

To avoid that 3pm dash to the café for a muffin hit, ensure you bring some health snack alternatives from home to munch on. This might include nuts, dried fruit, yoghurt or cans of tuna.

  • If you’re still craving that muffin then cook up a batch of savory muffins on the weekend that you can wrap, freeze and take to work with you.

Safety first!

It’s important to keep foods like meat, cheese and prepared meals cold. If you don’t have a fridge at work, use an Esky or small lunch box with an ice brick.