Perseverance and teamwork saves life

February 16, 2016

Perseverance and teamwork by Armadale Health Service (AHS) staff helped save the life of a young mother, who lost more than five litres of blood and was clinically dead for 28 minutes.

Caris Strestik was cooking in her kitchen last September when she accidentally severed her femoral artery and veins in her right thigh.

AHS Emergency Consultant Dr Ash Mukherjee said Ms Strestik arrived at the hospital in cardiac arrest with no pulse and not breathing.

“She completely bled out which meant we had to fill her heart with blood again as we worked on resuscitating her,” Dr Mukherjee said.

“We had significant concerns for her prognosis after 25 minutes, but when her heart finally showed a contraction, we continued CPR before achieving a normal heartbeat.”

Ms Strestik underwent a six-hour surgery where surgeons from Armadale and Fiona Stanley hospitals successfully stopped her bleeding and saved her limb.

After two days in an induced coma in the Intensive Care Unit, she started showing signs of recovery with no brain damage and was discharged from hospital after eight days.

AHS Surgeon Dr Vineeta Singh described Ms Strestik’s remarkable recovery as a miracle and a testament to the skills of everyone involved.

“It was very rewarding to witness such a positive outcome,” Dr Singh said.

Ms Strestik said she was thankful to be alive and extremely grateful to the doctors for not giving up on her.