Odd Socks Day

Photograph of odd socks
October 6, 2017

It is not every day that the doctors and nurses at Armadale Health Service (AHS) pair odd socks with their scrubs.

But that is exactly what happened on Friday, 6 October when the Emergency Department (ED) at AHS turned into a sea of fun and colourful socks for Odd Socks Day.

Organised by Grow, which runs mental wellness programs, Odd Socks Day aims to raise awareness of and destigmatise mental health conditions.

Emergency Consultant Dr Thomas Redfern said it was an easy decision to rally the department together to support the cause.

“Destigmatising mental health and raising more awareness is an area where I think we can all pull our socks up and acknowledge that it’s okay to have an odd day,” Dr Redfern said.

Here are some ways you can help to stomp out the stigma:

  • Be a friend - be there, for the ordinary and extraordinary moments
  • Be brave - don’t tolerate stigma and discrimination
  • Be open - share your experiences
  • Be informed - know the truths and dispel the myths
  • Be good to yourself - recognise the need to look after your own mental wellbeing​.

Head to the Odd Socks Day website (external link) to learn more and get involved.