New nurses’ base at Armadale children’s ward delights patients and staff

Photograph of staff standing in front of new nurses' base
Campbell Ward nursing staff Mark Dowsett, Alyce Page, Gloria Walling, Freda Corner and Kate O’Reilly-Bradley at the new nurses' base.
February 13, 2018

Armadale Hospital's Campbell Ward has a new nurses’ base, which has been designed with both staff and patients in mind.

Acting Nurse Unit Manager Kate O’Reilly-Bradley said that the re-design has improved the ward’s new premises, with the nursing staff now located closer to the children.

“The new location enables better monitoring of all patients, and staff are more visible to parents and visitors. Being close to the patient area also makes staff more accessible,” Kate said.

The base has also been decorated with colourful wrap-around illustrative artwork, to engage the young patients who visit the ward.

Kate explained that the process of designing the new base involved the staff, and everyone was very pleased with the result.

“The staff were involved in the design and are really proud of how colourful and bright the area is with improved functionality. The children and parents enjoy looking at it – and engaging with it. The paediatric ward is a lovely space now and the staff feel like we are spoilt,” she said.