Armadale attains Baby Friendly status

October 6, 2014

Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital (AKMH) has become just the second hospital in the South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) to be accredited by the Australian College of Midwives as a Baby Friendly Hospital.

AKMH Clinical Midwifery Manager Sarah Weightman congratulated Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI) Project Lead Louisa Connolly and the maternity team on the achievement which proves the hospital is offering the highest standard of care to all mothers who breastfeed their babies.

“BFHI is the global standard for assessing and accrediting hospitals and is internationally recognised as a way to encourage mothers to start and maintain breastfeeding,” Sarah said.

“Attaining BFHI status is acknowledgement that our staff have created a culture of protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding within the organisation, while respecting a mother’s informed choice of infant feeding.”

To be considered for accreditation the hospital had to, where necessary, enable practice and policy changes in support of breastfeeding and ensure staff had completed relevant BFHI education sessions.

Midwives and lactation consultants were required to undergo a minimum of 20-hours education with a minimum of eight hours focussing on the World Health Organisation Baby Friendly Health Initiative (external site) and at least three hours of clinical experience.