Respect is key for Armadale Hospital's Security team

Photograph of security team
November 9, 2018

At East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS), we are passionate about keeping our patients and staff safe.

Luckily, we have dedicated security teams located across EMHS sites, like the team from Armadale Hospital.

“Every day is different,” said Security Supervisor Luke.

“We often see people at their worst, but when you get to help someone, whether it is a staff member, patient, or member of the public; and see their genuine appreciation, it is very rewarding.”

“Our aim is to provide a safe environment for staff and all users of the health service.”

The Security team at Armadale provide a 24/7 service and respond to everything from emergency incidents to the de-escalation of aggression and violence.

Like many front line services, the Armadale Security team has noticed a considerable rise in violence and aggression over the past year – something EMHS hopes to reduce with the Stop the Violence campaign.

“We undertake a full range of duties," said Luke.

“We monitor the CCTV and alarms, provide IDs and access, patrol the grounds, monitor the car parks, and generally liaise with staff and members of the public in regards to security matters.”

The Armadale Security team feel that the EMHS value of respect is vital to the service they provide.

“We have such personal dealings with people – often when they are at their most vulnerable, angry, aggressive, or just plain scared,” said Luke.

“At these times we know that the only way we are going to have a chance of a positive outcome is by demonstrating respect towards them, and asking for respect back. It lets people know that they matter”.

A big thank you to the Armadale Security team, keep up the great work!