New memorial garden to support perinatal loss

May 24, 2017

There was something extra special added at Armadale Health Service recently, the brand new memorial garden for local women who experience perinatal loss.

As midwives of many years of experience, Kristine Tetlaw and Kendra Jackson know too well the emotional roller coaster some women go through when elation of being pregnant turns to distraught when they are stillborn or die before their due date.

“It is heartbreaking and it affects not just the mother both also many people around her,” Kristine explained.

“As midwives here at Armadale Hospital, we wanted to acknowledge that loss with the building of a memorial garden on site, for all those babies born without breath in their lungs.

“In essence, a special place of contemplation and solace for our grieving families. A place where they can acknowledge the loss of all the hopes and dreams they had for their babies.”

The memorial garden would not have been possible without the maternity/perinatal loss team, the Auxiliary, and local Bunnings.

The garden was funded through the fundraising efforts of the maternity/perinatal loss team with multiple bake stalls led by midwife Kristine Tetlaw, who has been organising to have a memorial garden built at the hospital for quite some time. The amount raised by the maternity unit was matched by the hospital Auxiliary.

The local Bunnings also very kindly donated goods and time to do some of the larger landscaping work.

A special mention and huge thank you to Bunnings, the Auxiliary, the maternity unit, and Kristine, who invested a substantial amount of time and effort into organising this for the women and families of our community.