Learning on the job

Photo of Tara Atkinson
July 12, 2018

Undertaking a Public Sector Traineeship at Armadale Health Service provided Tara Atkinson with the opportunity to experience working across the health service in a variety of different areas.

The young Nyoongar woman worked with Aboriginal Liaison Officers, the Boodjari Yorgas Grandmothers, Medical Records, Freedom of Information, Rehab Ward, Main Reception and Leschen Unit (Mental Health).

Tara describes the experience as a great opportunity.

“I have enjoyed the time I spent at Armadale Hospital learning the different roles. I now have a good understanding of what goes on within a hospital, working on the other side.”

“I worked with the Aboriginal Liaison Team for the longest, while being at Armadale Hospital. I enjoyed speaking with patients and building rapport while referring them to the services they need and getting them in touch with their families. This experience reinforced for me too, the importance of face-to-face Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training.”

She says it has also opened up further career opportunities. “While doing the Traineeship I completed a Cert III in Government and will be going on to the Traineeship Transition to Employment, Recruitment and Referral Service, where I may be referred to entry-level positions in the public sector.”

With a desire to work in Mental Health, Tara is now based at Bentley Hospital for the final three months of the Traineeship. 

“If I am not successful in finding employment after the Traineeship, I will go on to study and work my way up from there,” she said.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about the program, head to; Public Sector Traineeship Program.