Kalamunda Hospital patient garden project moves to next phase

Photograph of Kalamunda garden
February 29, 2020

With the comfort of our patients in mind, the next phase of a dedicated garden for palliative care patients at Kalamunda Hospital has seen the installation of shade sails, providing areas of shelter in the outdoor area.

The space for the garden was chosen with accessibility in mind, ensuring that patients in wheelchairs and beds will have the same opportunity to enjoy time in the tranquil setting with family and friends.

Jo Harris, Coordinator of Nursing, said that the area is intended to be attractive and usable by all.

“When we complete the project in the coming months, we will have private seating areas, barbeque facilities and soft landscaping for young children to play.

“There’s a number of patient rooms that face out to the courtyard too, so these patients can enjoy the native landscaping and soothing vista for much of the time they’re in their rooms.

“We’re fortunate that the location of our hospital, nestled amongst bushland, offers such spaces, replicating the comfort and familiarity of a patient’s own backyard.”