Daffodil Day blooms at AKG

Photo of Daffodil Day stall
Carine and Patricia Leeflang.
August 25, 2017

Armadale Health Service (AHS) and Kalamunda Hospital celebrated Daffodil Day this week to raise funds and awareness for people affected by cancer.

Carine Leeflang, who was a volunteer at AHS for 10 years, set up a stand in the foyer with her daughter-in-law Patricia to raise funds for a cause close to their hearts.

Carine’s husband passed away from cancer a few years go and she was diagnosed with breast cancer only a month ago.

Currently undergoing treatment at AHS, she said fundraising this year has hit especially close to home.

“Over the years, we’ve had so many people come up and tell us about their experience with cancer,” Carine said. “We all know someone who has been affected.”

Kalamunda Hospital also got involved, with Staff Development Nurse Judy Brand using Daffodil Day as a way to educate staff.

“As a hospital which provides specialist inpatient palliative care, staff come across patients with cancer quite often,” Judy said. “Daffodil Day is a good opportunity to educate staff in a more engaging way and provide support and time for them to reflect on the great care they provide to our patients.”

This year, Judy invited staff to an afternoon tea to talk about their experiences with cancer and also encouraged staff, patients and their families to ‘plant’ daffodils with meaningful messages on a tree.

Visit the Daffodil Day website for more information.