Armadale Hospital connects with nature and community for mental health

Photograph from Mental Health Week activities
October 12, 2017

You would be forgiven for thinking the Armadale Health Service had turned into a nursery for a day.

The main foyer of the hospital was filled with herbs, potted vegetables and flowering seedlings for Mental Health Week. Mental Health Week celebrated 50 years of raising awareness of mental health,with the theme being connecting with nature, community and self for social and emotional wellbeing.

Staff and patients alike were encouraged to to be mindful in the moment, plant the seedlings in pots and take this home with them as a simple example of how we can all build connections. A ‘healing tree’ was also available which allowed people to paint messages of encouragement, positivity and support on canvas leaves which were placed on the tree.

Mental Health Service Director Monica Taylor said mental health was not just about illness but also about the actions we can all take to maintain good mental health.

“The Armadale Mental Health Service is passionate about finding proactive ways to improve mental wellbeing,” Monica said.

“Activities such as gardening and building relationships with ourselves, our families and our community are just some ways we can keep our mind healthy.”

Together with the plant stand and ‘healing’ tree, the hospital also invited community organisations such as Helping Minds, Art v Depression, Headspace, Hope and Avivo to set up displays on the day.

“We are always looking to build stronger ties with community organisations. It is important for our consumers and staff to be aware of the support available so they have access to the right care,” Monica said.

The Armadale Mental Health Service provides inpatient, outpatient and community services for adults predominantly from the Armadale, Gosnells and Serpentine-Jarrahdale local government areas.

Services include individual and group therapy, education on mental health conditions and mental health recovery programs and life skills development.

Visit the Mental Health Week website for resources on staying healthy.