Mental Health Consumer and Carer Advisory Group

The Consumer and Carer Advisory Group (CCAG) works in partnership with the Armadale Mental Health Service (AMHS) to promote the consumer and carers’ perspective focussing on service direction, policy, planning, service delivery, evaluation, education and training and consumer satisfaction.

Functions and responsibilities

  • To promote an improved mental health service for consumers and carers of the AMHS by influencing policy and attitudes surrounding mental health issues within the service and local community.
  • To promote and develop relationships between AMHS consumers and carers, service providers and the community.
  • To identify issues from a consumer and carer perspective, and provide feedback with recommendations to AMHS.
  • To liaise with other consumer and carer groups, and to be current with State and National mental health consumer issues. 
  • To participate in activities pertaining to policy, planning, service delivery, evaluation, education and training in the AMHS.
  • Assist in the development and application of consumer/carer evaluation activities.
  • To assist the AMHS with the implementation of; and compliance with the National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010, National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and EQuiPNational content.

Join us

For more information about how to get involved with the CCAG, contact us 9391 2526 or use our Contact Us form .